Transforming businesses with the power of design and cloud technology

Who are we

Our journey began in 2015 with passion for technology being the driving force behind everything we do. Four years and two offices later, we transformed from a handful of people working hard in a small cozy office to a company of 60, combining technology and creativity in the most innovative ways.

How we help businesses

We help businesses transform on a global scale through the combination of creativity, design and cloud-based technologies. We are professionals who craft with passion and devotion. Going the extra mile is not extra for us - it comes naturally. Long lasting relationships, trust and integrity are the foundation that helps us empower and evolve your business.

Main services

Why work with us?

Anthony I.

Founder & CEO

Empowerment and autonomy stay in the heart of our philosophy as a scaling company. We create a unique environment that helps our employees grow, allowing them to dive in the latest technologies, while delivering value for our clients.


Founder & Director

We use the best of our knowledge, experience and expertise to understand the bigger picture, solve problems and work together towards achieving our mutual goals.

Anthony T.

Head of Engineering

We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and explore the newest technologies on the market in order to meet even the most complex of needs that you might have.


Head of Agile Delivery

Agile is a mindset. It teaches us how to embrace change and optimise workflows, while striving for continuous improvement and creating value for our clients.


Head of Creative

We strive to use a human-centric approach in the way we solve problems and function as an organisation. Our mindset is completely focused on empathy and delivering value to people and businesses.


Head of People Experience

We support our team members to develop their skills and acquire their personal and professional milestones. Nurturing and treasuring our talent is and always will be a paramount priority.


Head of Operations

We value the pragmatic and data-driven approach to our processes, focusing on action and turning our customer obsession into successful and long-term partnerships.

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