Success story: Heroes Assemble

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Heroes Assemble

Technofy’s aerial journey began in 2017 when we started working with a major aircraft manufacturer. We received a call from NTT and our CEO and Cloud Team Lead hopped on a plane to meet the company on the spot. What initially looked like a mere visit evolved from providing support services on a single project to developing six major projects today in close collaboration with their teams. We kick-start together some of the most innovative initiatives. We assisted our client in operating their digital transformation by going from on-premises data centers to a hybrid approach using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

There are several pain points when a company as global as our client is using data centers on premises: maintaining a high number of servers, which costs a lot; paying for electricity and human labour for maintenance; being responsible for your own warranty and capacity upgrades.

“Team: Heroes Assemble”

Together with our client we chose to advance further by using Cloud services. In a nutshell, AWS works with accounts and our partner wanted to provide isolated and secure environments to its internal departments in the AWS Cloud to accelerate their digital transformation. Furthermore, this solution had to be secure enough and comply with the company’s internal rules and regulations.

Simply put, A and B work together and they exchange all the information in the process but C wants to get data from both A and B without being involved in the working process. This becomes possible through AWS and establishing communication and connection between the different accounts.

Back in 2017 we embarked on a journey with our first project for the aircraft manufacturer. Technofy is the only consulting company that is currently working on it from all the companies that started two years ago when the creative revolution in the Cloud began. Now, Technofy continues to provide this industrial partner with expertise to create cloud-native solutions.