Why should I invest in a custom website design?

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Really, why?

It’s not rare that we receive this question from clients. After all, opting to use pre-existing templates seems like a rational, cost-effective decision. But it’s not always - and here’s why we recommend you to invest in a custom website design.

It will help you stand out from the crowd

In one of her books, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote: “A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter.”. A great presentation doesn’t really guarantee a service/product’s great quality, but it makes users stay and interact. Good online user experience can definitely help you win over new customers. This is why investing in a one-of-a-kind website will get you miles ahead of your competitors. While their template-based websites make them look identical to each other, your business will stand out.

It will be aligned with your industry, marketing strategy and overall business goals

How you present your business depends not only on how you see it and imagine it, but also on what information your customers need to see and what kind of actions you’re aiming at (purchase, subscription, quote request, etc.). In simpler words, the online experience you offer has to be built around your business goals. Of course, it’s not necessary to invent hot water. You can always do a market research on your competitors’ to see what are the common traits of websites in your industry, and then build on that or try to innovate and surprise your users.

Customization and content depend on you

If your website is based on a template, you have to plan and create all content in compliance with that template’s limitations. They could be related to section quantity, section size, content type, or even something as simple as fonts. Building a custom website gives you the freedom to plan and create the kinds of content that appeal to your public without worrying whether it will fit into the template or “break” the whole page.

SEO optimization

If you don’t appear among the top 3-4 results in the search engines, you’re dead. As dramatic as it sounds, it’s completely true - most people don’t bother scrolling past the lower half of the results on the first page, let alone go to the second one. Opting for a fully custom website lets you optimize it for search engines even from the early design stages. SEO doesn’t only depend on text and keywords - design elements and other types of content also play a big role!

Usability, usability everywhere

Not all templates out there are fully responsive among browsers and devices. Having your own custom website you can trust your developers to optimize it for smartphones and tablets, and test it on all the platforms that are popular among your users, as well as the ones you want to conquer.

Ongoing support

Pre-built templates offer limited support and timeframes are usually slow, which can seriously harm your business once your website is down. Creating your own custom website means that support will be in your own team’s hands, or you can at least trust an external development company according to fixed SLAs that work for you.