DevOps Incubator

Recruiting in a new reality 

Don’t be scared of scarcity

In the post-Covid-19 era, the demand for AWS DevOps specialists is expected to increase dramatically.
The demand across major cities like Paris, London and Amsterdam will outstrip supply quickly and drive up pricing while at the same time, it will be harder to keep these specialists from being poached by companies desperately fighting over them.

Don’t fight to hire, incubate

The Technofy DevOps Incubator is a remote centric service formed to solve the increasing demand for AWS DevOps specialists.


Looking outside the traditional confines of recruiting locally is one way to fight scarcity.

Another way is to create a steady pipeline of qualified resources that is educated to become specialists through our in-house AWS Academy. 


Outsourcing is a proven way to curb costs and this is especially true for specialists resources.

Our DevOps are upwards of 20% cheaper than in-house resources in France and this is not counting recruitment fees or costs associated with providing services through sick leave and vacations. 


DevOps specialists thrive when working in a challenging environment, together with other DevOps.

We provide continuous learning, training and acquisition of certification in order for them to stay sharp and we also provide immediate replacements when needed. 

Incubation isn’t only about the resources

Yes, our Incubator solves the issue of specialist scarcity. But it also answers concerns you may have about having specialists working remote.


Even if remote, the DevOps is “yours”: he/she can wear your t-shirts and join your team-building to be part of your organisation.


You don’t need to worry about head count and you can get started right away and you can stop with two months notice.


Our Incubator managers are here to supervise, but you keep control over delivery: reports, tools, meetings, etc. are up to you, we can provide ours if you need.

Pricing is always relative, but... 


  • €400 per day for the first 6 months and €300 per day hereafter.
  • Average cost over first year is €7,300 monthly or €88,000 yearly.
  • Laptop, desk and state of the art communication equipment.
  • AWS education and certification.


  • 1 free 3 day onsite visit included and additional monthly visits on request.
  • Back-up during paid and sick leave, and replacement if needed.
  • Zero ramp up time with access to temporary resources until the right candidate is found.
  • Two month notice if termination is required.

About Technofy

We are a French / Bulgarian service company on a mission to extend the use of the Cloud. Businesses use our education, incubation and engineering services to facilitate their DevOps objectives and manage the AWS infrastructure.