Pure AWS player
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Our mission

We are a French / Bulgarian service company on a mission to extend the use of the Cloud. Businesses use our education, incubation and engineering services to facilitate their DevOps objectives and manage the AWS infrastructure.

The PURE manifest

PURE AWS player

Be good at various Cloud Technologies or be the best at one. We chose the latter to bring AWS ecosystems to the optimized level of migration, deployment, connection and automation. 

PURE DevOps player

DevOps is the new black. For us it’s not only a technique or a practice, it’s a culture we implement in and out of Technofy to embrace what we believe is the future of delivery.

PURE Remote player

The new reality is remote and at Technofy we have set for five years the best capabilities and solutions to embrace it and make it an opportunity to have access to the best profiles.


We are a deliberate boutique-sized company, fiercely and proudly independent, promoting agility of the teams, continuous learning of our experts and management 3.0 to ensure fast time to market to our partners and clients.

Flexible teams & agile delivery

Together with the Academy and Incubator we are able to promptly ramp up or down teams, without affecting our professionals who are capable to switch and adapt in our DevOps environment. Similarly, our engineers work following Agile methodologies to deliver and adapt promptly.

Culture of collaboration & continuous learning

Both autonomously and in collaboration, learning is in our DNA and informs everything we do. We train our engineers and coordinate knowledge sharing between teams and partners. We create events and virtual spaces to encourage collaboration and innovation.

Sustainable leadership & Management 3.0

We think about now and the future at the same time and adopt the latest leadership & management best-practices to foster employee engagement and decision making. We strive to achieve business goals efficiently while cultivating contentment.

Why work with us

Anthony I.

Empowerment and autonomy stay in the heart of our philosophy as a scaling company. We create a unique environment that helps our employees grow, allowing them to dive in the latest technologies, while delivering value for our clients.

Founder & Director

We use the best of our knowledge, experience and expertise to understand the bigger picture, solve problems and work together towards achieving our mutual goals.

Delivery Manager

Agile is a mindset. It teaches us how to embrace change and optimise workflows, while striving for continuous improvement and creating value for our clients.

Business Developer

At Technofy each link of the chain has its importance and contributes to the strength of the whole. We value people and long term relationship both internally and with our customers.

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