Professional DevOps services

AWS is the most widely adopted cloud platform in the world. But having the technology is one thing, making the most out of an AWS Cloud infrastructure is another. To do so, finding the right expertise and experience for your cloud projects in-house is challenging, as well as deploying new application products without disrupting your services and their quality. Calling upon professional DevOps services is thus a great way to access the right profiles, for the period of time you actually need, while focusing on running the business. At Technofy, we make sure to support you and/or your clients in (at least):

  • Fastening your time to market and ROI while optimizing your OPEX
  • Improving the quality, availability and reliability of the services to your clients
  • Ensuring a flexible infrastructure at lower operational risks and costs
  • Leveraging and de-risking your legacy infrastructure

Design the proper strategy

Prior to implementing the DevOps best practices, we need to make sure we adapt them to the actual needs of a specific business. To do so, our consultants and architects can deliver the following:

Cloud architecture

Increase your business agility and performance with the proper design and operation of your environment components to leverage the power of the cloud.
  • Audit of your existing infrastructure
  • Strategic roadmap
  • Operational plan

Migration strategy

Improve your customer experience and satisfaction through digital transformation, by smoothly and promptly migrating your applications, infrastructure, resources, processes, and data to the cloud.
  • Architecture dossier
  • Infrastructure blueprint
  • Operational plan

Optimization strategy

Achieve a better quality of service by optimizing your architecture to leverage managed services and modern technologies.
  • Overall cloud on-boarding session
  • Strategic roadmap
  • "Convince your boss" pitch

Implementing the proper solution

Depending on the strategy defined, entrusts our engineers who are experts in delivering various services to implement the proper solution:

Infrastructure from scratch

Build your architecture right and fast on the cloud while avoiding mistakes and wasting time.

We can help you with:

  • Designed the target architecture accordingly to your needs and technical preferences.
  • Build the infrastructure (Landing zone, DB,Network, LB, DNS…) with IaC or not.

Migrate to the cloud

Take advantage of the cloud benefits by migrating your infrastructure from on premise, Paas or another cloud provider.

We can help you with:

  • Define the migration processes and target architecture.
  • Build the infrastructure.
  • Migrate your applications, infrastructure,resources, processes, and data.

Migrate to “cloud-native” technologies

Reduce your OPEX, improve your time to market and fasten your ROI byimplementing cloud-native technologies.

We can help you with:

  • Migrate to managed services
  • Implement Infrastructure as Code
  • Build CI/CD pipeline
  • Refactoring to microservices infrastructure
  • Automate IT tasks and processes

Infrastructure as a code

Reduce your OPEX in deploying a tested and compliant IT infrastructure in a few minutes without human intervention, saving time, effort and potential financial risks from error or downtime.

We can help you with:

  • Transformation of architecture documents into IAC stacks
  • Infrastructure deployment automation
  • Immutable infrastructure versioning



Introduction with the client to understand his context - both business and technical.


Period to setup the proper cloud infrastructure and hand over responsibility.


Team organisation and governance setup, with one dedicated contact to the client.


Implementation of SLA, delivery of client requests, monitoring and reporting.

Packaged developments

Improve your infrastructure, applications and solutions on the cloud by having our DevOps engineer joining your project teams.

Resource on demand

Anytime you have a need, discontinuously, we allocate an expert resource to it, for the time you need.

Dedicated engineer

You have a dedicated Technofy engineer working for you, and you manage him/her as if he/she was an employee in your team.

Professional services - mission packages

1 month

per day
One DevOps resource
Delivery management

2-3 months mission

per day
One DevOps resource
Delivery management
1 skill swap
2 booster weeks

4-7 months mission

per day
One DevOps resource
Delivery management
2 skill swaps
4 booster weeks
1 onsite visit

8-12 months mission

per day
One DevOps resource
Delivery management
3 skill swaps
8 booster weeks
2 onsite visits

* Prices effective as of 1 July 2020

Volume discount

If a single mission is above €100,000 then a 7.5% discount is applied
If a single mission is above €300,000 then a 15% discount is applied
If total yearly commitment exceeds €1,000,000 then a further 5% discount is applied at the end of the year

Additional information

Onsite visit is for 3 week nights and includes travel, accommodation and food - extra visits charged at €500 and max one visit per month.
Skill swapping is change of profile to better fit changing technical requirements - extra skill swaps charged at €500 and max one swap per quarter.
Booster week is an additional resource allocated for a limited time at the same rate, but maximum two per month - extra booster weeks only on a case by case basis.

Expertise & certifications

As a proud member of The AWS Partner Network with more than 50 AWS certificates across the team, we are qualified to help businesses utilise the benefits of the Cloud. Here is a list of our certifications:

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