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Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner

Technofy is a proud member of The AWS Partner Network. Our high level of AWS expertise allows us to support our customers deploy, run and manage their applications in the AWS Cloud.

Our differentiating components

AWS Expertise & Training

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with more than 50 AWS certificates, our expertise allows us to support, deploy, run and manage applications in the AWS Cloud. Part of our success is the high-level training our team receives.

Design Thinking & Startup Mentality

Nothing gets our experts more revved than launching advanced business solutions designed to address real human needs. We
embrace change, learn from mistakes, stay forward-focused and unleash the right skills to investigate new business concepts.

Agile Delivery Methods

We master the art of iterative development with self-organizing cross-functional teams where development and operation work hand in hand. It enables us to deliver value faster, with greater quality, predictability, and adaptability.

Remote Working Model That Works

We create dedicated teams with a strong group identity. We formalize goals, roles and communication methods at the outset to improve effectiveness. Our remote teams remain constantly available via virtual means of communication.

Culture of Collaboration & Continuous Training

Both autonomously and in collaboration, learning is in our DNA and informs everything we do. We train our engineers and coordinate knowledge sharing between teams and partners. We create events and virtual spaces to encourage collaboration and innovation.

Sustainable Leadership & Management 3.0

We think about now and the future at the same time and adopt the latest leadership & management best-practices to foster employee engagement and decision making. We strive to achieve business goals efficiently while cultivating contentment.

Happy partners

Bozhidar K.

Amazon Web Services

Congratulations! Outstanding achievement indeed. AWS advanced partners grow much faster than the partner with lower tiers (according to a Forester research) so be ready for more AWS business coming to Technofy.

Gilles B.


I really like the painless, efficient and stable work relationship that we've built and I trust them for any of our complex subcontracting opportunities. Technofy has undoubtedly been paramount to the success of Cloud at Airbus.

Julien M.


Technofy is a great company with customer intimacy and technical skills ranging from AWS, DevOps through networking and security. I can only give them the highest recommendation from my side.

Philippe M.


Good efficiency & capacity to support or deploy high level services in cloud environment.

Mehdi N.


Very deep knowledge on AWS and networking. Moreover very great skilled people for development.

Bernard P.

NTT Group

Congratulations to the great team at Technofy! We are so excited at Dimension Data to work with you on strategic projects!

Remi D.


Technofy has been helping on several topics regarding our journey to AWS. Especially on global Network strategy where they supported us from the beginning. Their expertise was definitely needed to deploy our complex architecture.

David N.


Technofy did a very good job for us, always in very fruitful and positive mindset ! They showed very good reactivity during workshops; the dev were fully satisfactory regarding our expectations.

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