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Technofy is your next AWS DevOps partner

What we bring to the table

Required expertise

Technofy is an AWS Advanced Partner and has acquired 66 AWS certifications throughout its 6-year history. Along the way, we’ve learned the agile technique behind all DevOps & Cloud projects.

Needed flexibility

We have the people and the conductors that enable us to quickly and efficiently ramp-up or ramp down resources, skills, profiles so as to adapt to any situation.

Scarcity remedy

With the DevOps Incubator and the AWS Academy, we ensure a steady pipeline of experts to embrace the new reality of specialists scarcity and remote standards.

Complete service loop

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DevOps mastered end-to-end

Modularize applications with Containerization using tools like Kubernetes and Docker
Optimize delivery pipelines with CI/CD using tools like Jenkins
Gain speed in deployment with Infrastructure as Code using tools like Terraform
Simplify administration tasks with Configuration Management using tools like Ansible
Extend on premise solutions using Hybrid Cloud best practices
Connect the world of IoT using Cloud Connectivity best practices
Enforce security with DevSecOps using tools from Vault

Success stories

Connect, build and secure cloud environments

We worked closely with our partners on building a solution that provides their clients the benefits of a secured and cost-efficient infrastructure. It is focused on securing assets in the cloud and on premises, allowing inter-connection between the various environments and deploying new Cloud accounts for an efficiently lowered time.

Connected vehicle fleet management platform

Our team helped a major client of ours to provide a turnkey fleet management and monitoring solution to their customers. The platform offers a centralized way for connecting, exchanging and managing vehicle data. It handles the processes end-to-end, aiming for the highest levels of automation and security.

Cloud infrastructure and voice analytics go hand in hand

We have provided a qualitative and sustainable solution for a major player in the fintech industry, providing payments services. It starts with building a scalable Cloud infrastructure in AWS, avoiding all legacy issues, physical equipment and setup. A main part of the solution is also bringing their voice services to the next level with the highest quality for each call and real time voice analytics.

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Happy partners

Bozhidar K.
Amazon Web Services

Congratulations! Outstanding achievement indeed. AWS advanced partners grow much faster than the partner with lower tiers (according to a Forester research) so be ready for more AWS business coming to Technofy.

Gilles B.

I really like the painless, efficient and stable work relationship that we've built and I trust them for any of our complex subcontracting opportunities. Technofy has undoubtedly been paramount to the success of Cloud at Airbus.

Julien M.

Technofy is a great company with customer intimacy and technical skills ranging from AWS, DevOps through networking and security. I can only give them the highest recommendation from my side.

Philippe M.

Good efficiency & capacity to support or deploy high level services in cloud environment.

Bernard P.
NTT Group

Congratulations to the great team at Technofy! We are so excited at Dimension Data to work with you on strategic projects!