Cloud infrastructure and voice analytics go hand in hand

Success story

Use case overview

Our client, a French payment service provider, wanted to build an open, stable and sustainable solution that will let them use the advantages of the latest DevOps technologies and connectivity options. Their infrastructure was fully in physical data centers and this caused lots of pain - legacy issues, time consuming configuration, no scalability. Of course it goes without saying that all of this resulted in losing revenue.

We had to use our AWS expertise in order to create an architecture design that is resilient and easily scalable. Another main part of the project is using the concept of VoIP, SIP and of course voice analytics. These technologies allow us to drastically improve the quality of the calls, use the unlimited toll-free calling instead of per-minute charges and turn text to speech to get real-time ratings.

Business pain & challenges

No option for using multiple operators
Not able to link voice bot solutions to the infrastructure
Can’t use the advantages of SIP
Physical data center
Bad voice quality
No flexibility

Tech stack

Voice device

  • CSR 1000V - Used as a Session Border Controller to handle and route VoIP traffic


  • VPC - Virtual Data Center for multi-region architecture
  • S3 - Using this storage service to save the call records
  • Glacier - Allows us to keep all the logs archive
  • Direct Connect Gateway & Direct Connect - Consistent links for connecting Telecom providers
  • Amazon Chime Voice Connector - Used for recording calls
  • Amazon Transcribe - Real time speech to text conversion
  • Amazon Comprehend - Analysing every call to provide automated call ratings

Logs management

  • Cisco CDR - A standard file format used to get calls details and consolidated into a SIEM
  • SIPREC - Recording feature to get a full call records for post processing
  • Splunk - Consolidate logs and create dashboards to visualise statistics


  • Terraform - Used to automate the deployments of infrastructure stacks
  • Ansible - Used to write playbooks that configure Cisco device


Connect Telecom providers

Carrying customer calls via highly available and consistent links using Direct Connect and Direct Connect Gateway

Handle and manage calls

Create a call routing process in a secure and efficient way

Deliver calls

Forward calls to the client’s apps where the core business logic is handled

Logs management and calls analysis

Process call logs to create dashboards and use a dedicated pipeline for call ratings

Expected results & highlights

Faster ROI
Better connectivity and quality of sound
Better monitoring
Less expenses for hardware and calls
Pay-as-you-go, easily scalable infrastructure

Delivery model

Dedicated consultant, who is an AWS expert, working closely with the client’s team, ensuring on-time daily communication

Waterfall methodology & rituals

  • Weekly status meeting with the client
  • Constant communication and synchronisation


  • AWS Architect / Solution Architect
  • Network Engineer