Start-up program

The Start-up Program


Technofy's StartUp program has been designed to provide technical support to any type of startup, regardless of its maturity and level of development. From the early-stage startups to the scale-ups, we meet your needs!

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Pure DevOps player, Pure Remote player, we offer our expertise around three axes: Build Fast, Transform & Scale, Review & Validate.

Build Fast

On the starter block? 

You have an idea but lack the expertise to leverage the capacities of AWS Cloud. At the beginning of your project, you want to be sure you are making the right technical choices. Or you need help implementing your POC / MVP on AWS. 

Technofy helps you build the foundation of your infrastructure and solution.

We propose you:

Advising : architecture definition, choice of services, tools, security and best practices.

Building your infrastructure and supporting your team in building their skills.

Transform & Scale

Ready for the next step?

Your business is growing and you need to scale your technical environment. You want to move your POC into production, develop new services, optimize your CI/CD workflow.

Technofy guides you in this transition.

We propose you:

An adaptation of your architecture to leverage managed services.

Support from our engineers to adapt your technical solutions and your business processes.

To entrust us with the management of your infrastructure so that you can focus on the evolution of your project.

Review & Validate

Are your foundations solid?

Do you want to know if your solution is compliant with AWS best practices? Do you want to ensure that your solution is not vulnerable or that it is compliant with your internal security and governance system? 
Trust our experts to review your architecture and suggest ways of improvements.

We offer to:

Review your architecture according to the 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

Help you solve problems related to performance, availability, cost optimization, security, etc.

Advise you on how to take advantage of the assessment and remediation services offered by AWS (Config, CloudTrail, GuardDuty, ...).

Why Technofy?

Flexible team and Agile delivery

We work according to Agile methodologies and we are able to quickly scale our teams. Furthermore, the DevOps culture, a key component of our customers’ satisfaction, has been totally adopted in our autonomous teams, leading to our successes. We are able to respond to your needs when you need us to.

We will support you towards your technical autonomy

It's not just about building for you, but about giving you all the means to succeed. Indeed, training and continuous learning are part of Technofy's DNA. We train our engineers and we are committed to passing on our knowledge to our partners. In addition, we have joined the Immersion Days AWS program, which allows us to deliver hands-on training and discovery days on specific topics such as Serverless and Devops.

Access to promotional credits

We can help you access promotional credits through the AWS Activate program. AWS Activate offers startups many benefits, including AWS credits, AWS support program credits, and training, to help you grow your business. Learn more at : 

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

The AWS Advanced Consulting Partner certification is a highly-valued status awarded after meeting rigorous requirements, including extensive experience in deploying customer solutions on AWS, a high level of expertise and a strong team of certified technical consultants. 
This certification guarantees the expertise of our engineers on AWS environnement. An expertise that we put at your disposal to  help you navigate the AWS environment with ease!