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From the beginning, Technofy has developed together with major partners. We’ve set up our organisation and delivery processes to go hand in hand with those partners. We want to keep on growing that way, through trusted partnerships and the valuable skills and assets we bring to the table:

  • Transparent pricing
  • Boutique service
  • Innovative approach
  • Clear engagement

Why to choose Technofy

Transparent pricing

All our services have clear and transparent pricing, which are proudly stated upfront to anyone looking for DevOps services. We skip the « ask for proposal » step as we believe that pricing is an essential and obvious component to kick-start a relationship on the right foot.
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Boutique service

Clear pricing also means framed services. We do not do everything, for everybody. We defined our services packages to fit clear and particular needs for a lesser number of partners. That is a condition to deliver those services with high quality and strong customer care, as we want to build long-term partnerships.
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Innovative approach

At the core of our services are resources. But that does not mean that we just sell a person, at a daily rate. Our resources go together with a dedicated delivery service, packed to fit all your needs. Long-term commitments are obviously rewarded with discounts but not only. We have other unique extra services: booster weeks, skills swaps, onsite visits… 
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Clear engagement

A long-term relationship must start with proper onboarding. While we’re confident about you being convinced after working with us, we still want you to feel comfortable while we’re still at the negotiation phase. So we have designed a Partner Onboarding Program, in which we provide a clear and signed engagement framework and SLA.
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Don't just take our word for it

Gilles B.

I really like the painless, efficient and stable work relationship that we've built and I trust them for any of our complex subcontracting opportunities. Technofy has undoubtedly been paramount to the success of Cloud at Airbus.

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Business Developer

Carole, our sales guru, is available for a business discussion.
Partnership, offering presentation, project discussion, pricing, she is the one to negotiate with!

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