Connected vehicle fleet management platform

Success story

Use case overview

Our client, a major European aircraft manufacturer, wanted to provide a turnkey fleet management and monitoring solution to their customers - companies who buy their helicopters. The application had to manage the processes end-to-end with as much automation as possible. An important touchpoint was also optimizing the way data is collected, processed and then presented to the different users of the application.

The situation before the start of the project required interaction between several isolated systems, which prevented the ability to have a centralized dashboard presenting an overview of the situation at a given moment. Also, one of the core systems in place for collecting helicopter data was presenting several security gaps. The as-is solution was not ready to manage the expected amount of potential helicopters in production and required an important amount of manual operations.

Business pain & challenges

Silo systems
Manual operations
Lack of visibility
Security gaps

Tech stack


  • S3 - Storing the vehicles’ incoming and outgoing data
  • EC2 - Compute for the Kubernetes cluster hosting the containerized microservices
  • RDS - Relational Database for storing users’ information and vehicle status
  • ECR - Used to store the container images of the microservices
  • Codebuild - CI/CD for the whole project used for building the microservices images and deploying to the cluster


  • Go - Main development language used for the microservices
  • Python - Secondary development language for the API


  • Kubernetes - Orchestrator for the container-native solution
  • F5 - Load-balancers used for balancing the incoming IPSec connections


Landing of a helicopter

It connects automatically and starts exchanging data with the server on the ground.

Gathering and processing

Analysis, classification, execution of instruction and automatic execution of processes based on the type of data.

User interface

Allows the user to have a consolidated view of all the main data on a dashboard and to interact with the helicopters by executing sets of various operations.

List of services

Users are able to execute different operations related to the fleets management, users management, reporting tools etc.

Results & highlights


Centralised platform


Simultaneous connections


Managed fleets


Connected aircrafts

Delivery model

Dedicated team of various profiles working closely with our partner

Scrum methodology & rituals

  • Sprint plannings and demos with the client
  • Backlog grooming with the product owner
  • Weekly synchronisation with the teams


  • AWS Architect / Solution Architect
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Backend Developers
  • Frontend Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Network Engineers

Don't just take our word for it

David N.

Technofy did a very good job for us, always in a very fruitful and positive mindset ! They showed very good reactivity during workshops; the dev were fully satisfactory regarding our expectations.