Connect, build and secure cloud environments

Success story

Use case overview

This was the project that gave a successful start of an amazing partnership with our biggest customer back in 2017. They wanted to provide their customers with the benefits of a secured and cost-efficient infrastructure. The mission was about finding a way to build a sustainable, scalable and compliant infrastructure, imposing the highest security rules and best practices on the accounts we deploy for the end customers and ensuring better connectivity between different environments (both on-premises and Cloud).

One of the biggest challenges was to lower the time for deployment, configuration and corrections as much as possible. This could only happen by exploring the latest trends and tools in the DevOps world and this is exactly why they needed our consultancy.  A team of experts helped on various topics - network architecture and design, compliance rules, automatic deployments, security specialty. The platform we built together played part in the global technical strategy that our partner had for 2019, as it brought the connectivity and compliance they were aiming for.

Business pain & challenges

Time-consuming deployment
Manual operations
No consistency
No connectivity between VPCs
Security gaps

Tech stack


  • Lambda - Automates various processes in the client’s environment
  • API Gateway - Exposes application’s back-end
  • S3 - Stores application data, logs and information about the infrastructure
  • EC2 - Providing compute resources to the client


  • Terraform & CloudFormation - IaC tools that ensure faster deployment and infrastructure consistency
  • Ansible - Automates the network connectivity between the environments
  • Docker & Kubernetes - Run, orchestrate and manage the automation tools in the environment
  • Jenkins - Manages the CI/CD pipeline for automatic deployments
  • Vault - Provides secure authentication to the different tools


Network automation

Enhance and automate the platform, develop network architecture that is scalable and consistent

Transit VPC

Enable the communication between several VPCs deployed in the same region, adding capability and flexibility to VPCs

Hybrid DNS

DNS forwarding solution, hosted in the cloud, integrated to make the hybrid environment work

Manage support request

Deploying new customers’ accounts, adding or removing services from the accounts, managing connectivity standards

Results & highlights


VPCs deployed


Managed Terraform stacks


Months of Transit VPC age


100 % availability outside of maintenance periods (including them, it’s 99,99%)


100 % availability for Hybrid DNS services

Delivery model

Dedicated consultants for each topic, working closely with the client’s team, providing expertise and advise on each activity

Kanban methodology & rituals

  • Weekly status meetings
  • Demos with the customer


  • AWS Architect / Solution Architect
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • SecOps Engineer

Don't just take our word for it

Remi D.

Technofy has been helping on several topics regarding our journey to AWS. Especially on global Network strategy where they supported us from the beginning. Their expertise was definitely needed to deploy our complex architecture.