Big Data project - a challenge well conquered

Case study

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At any given time, there are about 9500 airplanes soaring in the skies above the Earth. Every plane in flight equals profits for the respective airline company and every plane on the ground equals losses - accrued in airport parking fees and loss of revenue due to lack of flying passengers.

It has actually been estimated that for every minute an aircraft stays on the ground, the operating profit margins for the carrier increase with 0.43%.

The problem we had to solve

We were approached by one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers who was seeking solutions to this exact problem - how to reduce the turnaround time (TAT) of the planes they produced, in order to maximize profit efficiency for the airlines that bought the planes.

The main reason for the high TAT lies in the fact that airplanes depend on and generate an immense flow of data regarding the state of the thousands of sensors. Given the nature of the business, safety and technical data about the plane’s locks, speed, brakes, wings, etc. are absolutely crucial.

In our client’s case, this data was locked into silos for maintenance, flight management, aircraft monitoring and safety. The information was not being shared smoothly, making the whole process very difficult to monitor, which in its turn resulted in delays and TAT increase.

The approach we took

This project was actually one of our most challenging assignments so far and it was the first venture that required the efforts of both our Creative and Cloud & Ops teams.

After thoroughly examining our client’s situation, we determined that we needed to come up with a solution that would pool all relevant aircraft data, index it and display it in a user-friendly way. The real challenge was how to gather such huge amounts of important information, process it, analyze it and display it - all in real time.

Furthermore, the data needed to have a 24-hour history and be available for the user to interact with and modify the time-scale where the data is displayed, together with a record of when the plane was connected.

Thus, we created a proprietary cloud solution that procures the above processes in an almost state-of-the-art manner. When a plane lands, all data is gathered directly onto our client’s Cloud Infrastructure and is channeled to all relevant consumers. The data is neatly organized and displayed in ways that allow for quick and effective decisions.

A job well done

The solution has now been implemented on several of our client’s aircrafts and once POV has been completed, the system will go live for their entire product range later this year.

We managed to greatly increase the efficiency of data sharing, which consequently greatly reduced the TAT of planes to an extent that makes us believe that the system can become a new industry standard.

Our collective efforts brought Technofy the Best Performance award of the CCI France Bulgaria which we received at the annual Prix de L’innovation event - a feat that we are particularly proud of.

However, our most cherished reward came from our client’s feedback on our work, for our clients’ satisfaction stands as the ultimate barometer of our accomplishments.

The guys at Technofy have gone way beyond the specific requirement details when setting up the new cloud-based infrastructure, they have been finding new ways of making our solution a better and faster and more stable offer for our global customer base.

The final product is really impressive! Thanks for the improvement in the apps, it is visible for the end user.
Good job, #welldone, #magicteam, #champions!

These words of praise infuse us with confidence and faith that we are not only on the right track, but we are actually shaping the very track. Making real measurable differences for the businesses of our clients is what we continuously aim for and a source of motivation to take on even bigger leaps and ever-growing challenges.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it!

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