Bigger office - bigger opportunities


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The bigger, the better

As many of you might or might not know, we recently moved in into a much bigger and more convenient office, located in TZUM. It’s just a few blocks away from the old one but the difference is…notable, to say the least. It’s quite more spacious and it’s configured in small sections, each one to accommodate the specific team situated there. The current interior is about to change as we are working with interior designers to help us find the best use of our space and have it fit everyone’s needs suitably.  

The whole change of scenery was inevitable. Our family gets bigger and bigger with each passing week and we were in need of a more proper environment, to assist, complement and cultivate the company’s development. New opportunities presented itselves often, so the team started growing and the new office turned to be a necessity. ΩWithout it, we wouldn’t be able to meet the requirements and expectations of our future partners and clients.

With the appropriate attitude and tools, one can succeed with grace. In the spirit of that clumsy analogy, our new place is a tool, which if handled with care and knowledge, will improve our work process and efficiency.

The office environment is important, it keeps your employees happy and connected and improves their productivity

Growth is a constant when you possess vision, a sense of leadership and business and those are backed up by a great and passionate team that’s eager to assist you and stand by your side through hell or high water. Even though each day we aspire for excellence and success, there are always things to improve and better. Change, most of the time (if not always), goes hand-in-hand with progress.

We look forward to the new big challenges ahead. To face them we have to make sure we stay faithful to our beliefs and values, while also being brave and confident. “Fortune favors the bold”, people say, yet they often forget their roots and get lost on the long and treacherous road to success. Our teams will do their best not to fall in that trap, and will always persevere the spirit and uniqueness of the company, no matter how bigger “big” gets.

With the current year coming to an end, a reassessment is more or less needed. Looking back, seeing the process and witnessing the steps our team made throughout this journey so far, is the most humbling experience. It’s a powerful feeling, that brings older members fulfilment (and a tad bit of nostalgia, perhaps) and the newer ones – hope, for even greater things to come. Achieving balance between hard work and rest, confidence and modesty, consistency and variation is a sure and tested recipe for a promising future, which we all, doubtlessly, look forward to.

The brand new workplace is a fruit of our immense effort and undying dedication  during the past months. We are ever-so-grateful and humble to have the amazing opportunity to bear this fruit and to continue striving for more positive results.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it!

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