Christmas team building 2018


7 mins


We are more than a team of professionals - we are a family

No matter how successful a business is, without a great team to support its operations, even the most innovative projects would have but a little impact. That’s why we value our employees not only for their dedicated work, but also for their unique personalities and individual strengths.

And when skilled individuals are brought together in a team, opportunities arise for overall boost in productivity for everyone involved. Because teams that communicate and collaborate find creative solutions faster, and more efficiently.

To ensure that our valued employees continue creating strong bonds, we organized a team building event in Pamporovo for the Christmas holidays. Why? Because here at Technofy, we are more than a team of professionals, we are a family!

The agenda

We prepared various events over the span of 3 days, such as presentations, games and challenges, along with a number of leisurely activities like sauna sessions and pool bathing. Our employees were also surprised with trophies, and acknowledgement for all their contributions. And to complete the experience, we held an official Gala dinner.

Our goals

Teamwork has always been strong within each of our teams. So this time around, we wanted to focus on building trust and strengthening the bonds between the different teams and the individuals within them, who do not usually collaborate directly.

We also wanted to take a retrospective look of our accomplishments and appreciate how far we have come in the past year. With everyone’s unmatched dedication, we couldn’t help but deliver a round of applause over and over.

Looking into the past is essential, but so is planning the future. We wanted to take a look not only at what’s coming next, but also at our short- and long-term goals, and the ways in which we could further build our future.

Main events

To ensure our employees remain engaged, we separated all planned activities within the three days (December 13-16) of our teambuilding.

On the first day, the teams engaged in a yearly review with each team presenting their own highlights. Part of this was elaborating on what each team is most proud of and whether their personal goals for the year were accomplished.

We were incredibly happy that our founder and biggest source of inspiration, Anthony, shared behind the scenes details about how Technofy came to be and why Bulgaria was chosen for the headquarters. We must admit that hearing how it all started and understanding how much we`ve accomplished since then really made us emotional.

The second day we dedicated to interactive games, following the spirit of “Let’s build together, let’s inspire each other”. We took people from different teams, put them in a group together, and asked them to find the value that is most important for the group as a whole. Then we asked the groups to create a logo and a slogan according to their value (and the most common one turned out to be “family”!).

We also prepared an interactive building blocks game for the groups, in which we aimed to see how each of them sees Technofy in 10 years, and what the company would be most famous for. The game progressed into an intriguing presentation by Mark Shayler, and a trophy awarded to each employee.

On the last day, we surprised everyone with a wild treasure hunting game. Truly wild, as it took place in the wild forests of the Rodopi mountains! The teams went through different challenges, collected maps and artifacts, and finally, combined all their efforts towards discovering the hidden treasure.  To bring everyone together and complete the experience, we held a Gala dinner in the evening of the last day and hosted a closing ceremony.

The takeaway

One of the most significant result of our teambuilding experience is the high-level trust that was built when everyone came together, despite the position or team they belong to. The team collaborated, played, and laughed together in a family-like atmosphere. The entire experience was complemented by a full restaurant, as compared to a single big table at the previous teambuilding. Seeing everyone talk, laugh, dance and have fun together throughout the day and night filled us with happiness, and pride in all our employees.

After the teambuilding, the atmosphere at the office seemed even friendlier than before, the collaboration between the teams increased sharply, and people who could only greet each other before, could not stop sharing and smiling now!

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it!

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