DevOps is in our DNA


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While many talk about the negative aspects of the current situation we are in and how many businesses are falling apart, we decided to talk about accelerating your business and strengthening your assets even more. As with everything Technofy does, we will lead by our own example and experience.

Let’s talk about Agility first.

It is true that all sectors and businesses are facing huge challenges during these past months. No one could have predicted this would happen, but when you think about it a bit more - we have all unwittingly and luckily been preparing for it for years. We have all been using the strengths of technology to stay connected and we are taught that we need to adapt fast and be flexible in order to succeed. This is exactly the differentiating component that you should be striving for in your organisation. We believe that truly Agile organisations will not only survive but will reinvent themselves in order to accelerate their performance and bring their business to the next level using digital transformation.

Technofy's DevOps loop

How we reinvented Technofy and turned to pure DevOps?

DevOps has been at the center of what we do since 2015 but we admit that we had a lot on our plate. Just like a lot of other companies, we are also facing challenges at the moment. This gave us new motivation and ideas to focus on our strengths.

Our technical team consisted of only two people at the very beginning. Now we have grown our expertise, experimented with a lot of new tools and have fully adopted the DevOps culture in our autonomous teams. We have earned the status of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with over 66 certifications in our two delivery teams. All of this shows exactly why we chose to focus on DevOps - the driving force behind our success and the key component for customer satisfaction.

DevOps brings together developers and operations, which are separate roles in the traditional development model. Having the two groups working together promotes a collaborative culture, full accountability and responsibility to a team working on the project from the initial concept to the successful delivery. The three new key pillars of our services Advice-Build-Run are showcasing the end-to-end cycle that we strive to deliver to our partners. Each pillar serves the other two, following the concept for continuous improvement, which we have entangled in the infinity loop of our logo. The most successful and major projects we have managed to deliver are based on the DevOps workflow, processes and principles which we embrace and follow. 

The DevOps workflow

Some of the benefits for our partners and their customers:

Benefits of implementing DevOps

Implementing DevOps in every layer of your organisation can be crucial during a time of crisis. Make sure you do it when the time is right in order to prepare yourselves for the upcoming times when the business will be reborn. We can bring the needed expertise and flexibility to the table, just talk to us.

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