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Meet our creative writer

When building our teams, we at Technofy, like to bet not on the people with the shiniest resumès and high-profile experience, but on those who possess a diverse set of skills and potential for development. We focus on finding talents who are capable of much more than just fulfilling a given work role and do our best to support them in their growth as professionals, artists and people.

Stan Totkov, one of our most creative Graphic Designers, is a young gentleman of multiple talents and callings, who moonlights as a writer and a handful of other things.

Before he got into design, he studied civil engineering and architecture in high school, although he wanted to become a chef. Later on in university he gave hydraulic engineering a shot but never really felt passionate about it. He then decided to give way to his ambitions and dropped out to sign up for a professional course in graphic design, which ultimately led him to Technofy.

He has traveled around Europe as part of a folklore dance troupe and has performed in numerous events and concerts. In his spare time he likes to read books and hit the gym, but admits to skipping on it every now and then. The gym, that is.

When he is not pumping iron or flipping pages, Stan likes to enjoy quality stand-up comedy from comedians in the likes of Bill Burr, Patrice O’Neal and Eddie Murphy among others and laughs that he might become a comedian himself one day. However, before he starts cracking jokes on stage, Stan aims to first take his writing to the next level, which, we have to admit, looks like he has already achieved to an extent.

Stan has been exploring the limitless world of writing for some time now. He has penned down a number of stories, tales, articles and even poetry - in both English and Bulgarian. He is really humble about his gift, but it is quite evident that his talent is truly newsworthy.

“Less is more”

Recently Stan was selected as one of the ten winning nominees at the Sofia Writing Challenge for a brilliant short story he wrote - a feat that both Stan and the whole team at Technofy are really proud of.

A couple of days before the deadline for entering the competition, Olga, who is Techonfy’s Head of Studies, thought it would be a good idea to send Stan a link for the competition and nudged him to give it a shot. When Stan realized that the prize of the challenge was a chance to sign up for a paid writing course led by a renowned British author, he got a little disheartened, but decided to enter the competition nonetheless.

He received Olga’s assurance that Technofy would take care of the financial aspect, if he wanted to pursue the opportunity to be tutored by a professional writer. Even though he admits he had no idea how to approach the challenge, he did not back down and did his absolute best in the little time he had before the submission deadline. Thanks to a lucky unexpected deadline extension, Stan managed to produce the story and send it to the organizers just before the final bell.

Good things take time to happen, but great things happen just on time.

After having conquered the prestigious competition, Stan is already immersed in the writing course and we can’t wait to read more of his works. He is deeply thankful to Olga and Technofy for the opportunity, but we think that he has only himself to thank for this beautiful achievement.

Stan is a gem of a talent whose sparkle captivated us from the very beginning. He is brave and confident in what he wants and has the courage to fight for his dreams - a mentality that we strive to thread through all our teams. The professional skills he brought into Technofy represent very few of the pages in the list of Stan’s qualities. We are proud of his achievement and being part of it, and hope we will be among the first ones to get a signed copy of his first book in the not too distant future.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it!

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