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Meet our photographers

At Technofy, creativity and artistic expression penetrate everything we do - from the looks of our offices to the products we create and the solutions we build, art is central to our drive. Therefore, it is our greatest priority to make sure that the people on our team are artists by heart, ones who are not afraid to put their creativity in the spotlight.

Rumen and Alexander are two young gentlemen who match this profile perfectly and captivated us with their diverse and artistic auras from day one. On day two, we were already proud to call them our colleagues and welcome them onboard at Technofy as a Graphic Designer and a 3D artist, respectively.

@Rumen Kitov

@Rumen Kitov

These, however, are just titles that certainly do not do justice to the word ‘artist’, which both of them are to the core of their souls.

When they are not doing their magic at the computer, their hands are usually stuck with a heavy camera - the main tool of the art they both love. Both Rumen and Alexander have been making their first steps in photography over the last 3 years and keenly share how they feel about their passion.

Even though they describe themselves as “hobby photographers”, they are already talking about photography, as if they have been snapping pics their entire lives.

We find inspiration in many and different things. It all depends on the situation that we are in. We choose the right perspective, we take account of the lighting, the scene, and a heap of other things, before we press the trigger. Inspiration is all around - it could be the way the light hits a graffiti wall or the look of a stranger’s gaze in a crowd, it could be a soaring pigeon or a discarded coffee cup.

@Rumen Kitov

However, when there are no inspiring pigeons flying by, both gentlemen like to spend hours diving into Ansel Adams’ photography - their idol in the art.

Patience is a key quality in their art. Both share stories about how sometimes they have had to wait for the perfect lighting weeks on end, or for a bird to land on a branch at just the right time.

Like most millennials, Rumen and Alexander have a soft spot for the vintage. Lately, they have been exploring the beauty of black and white photography, which they call “real photography”. In this spirit, they prefer to be equipped with film cameras rather than shiny digital devices.

The thrill of having only 36 frames available and no option of photoshopping imperfections is what entices them the most. There is adrenaline in waiting for the films to come through before they can check out their photos that motivates them to pick the non-digital path. They do acknowledge that digital photography offers easier and more diverse opportunities to practise their art, but they also highlight that the feel of a film photo is incomparable to that of a digital one.

They are among those people who are young enough to have witnessed the evolution of Photoshop and digital art, but old enough to rejoice at the subtle beauty of unpredictable lens flares and imperfect focus.

In our view, photography is a very personal art. We share our surrounding world the way we see it through our own eyes.
The camera is just an instrument, a complex pencil that photographers draw with.

@Rumen KItov

Don’t you just love them already?

Talents like Rumen and Alexander, who thrive on artistic expression, are truly priceless assets in an industry where innovation and art go hand in hand. They are a delight to work with and chat to, gentlemen who always look to add a creative spin to anything they do. Having people like them on the team is a privilege, when it comes to conceiving new ideas or building new solutions from scratch. The thinking they bring is the key to Technofy’s success and an inspiration for everyone on the team to deliver their best in every project we take on.

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