Leveraging AWS Serverless to generate value through IT agility & business scalability


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Serverless architectures abstract the application development lifecycle and infrastructure to provide a simplified development environment. The resulting IT agility allows development teams to focus on writing the application code and direct efforts to meet business goals. 

The AWS Serverless Platform comprises pooled AWS services that provide an end-to-end application development environment that enables developers to build and run applications without thinking about servers and other infrastructure. AWS Serverless service provides a company with the following benefits:

Generating value with AWS Serverless Platform

Modern enterprises turn to the AWS Serverless Platform to accelerate the time taken to deliver new products to the end-users. Serverless services are a unique fit since developers do not require to operate, manage, or scale the infrastructure, have auto-scaling capabilities, and are always available. AWS Serverless customers generate value in five main areas: staff productivity, business agility, operational resilience, auto-scaling, and cost savings.

  1. Staff Productivity

The AWS Serverless Platform allows the IT development teams to register a significant increase in productivity as they require lesser time to deliver more applications with increased features. AWS is responsible for specifying the infrastructure needed for development, such as server capacity, freeing developers to focus only on code deployment. Additionally, the IT teams tasked with managing applications and infrastructure need little time for daily support operations, monitoring, and implementation.

  1. Business Agility 

AWS Serverless architectures enable customers to accelerate the time taken to deliver new applications to market and end-users, speed up deploying new updates and features to applications without disrupting their use and accessibility, and enhancing the business scalability. Most successful brands rely on the AWS Serverless Platform ability to provide business agility, enabling them to make rapid moves in the market space. More importantly, the AWS serverless architecture allows companies to intensify the velocity with which they address new and existing business opportunities, thus earning more revenue.

  1.  Operational Resiliency 

AWS provides developers with a reliable and secure serverless platform to ensure enhanced operational resiliency. As such, there are minimal instances of service or infrastructure outage caused by security events and adversities, thus assuring developers of enhanced business performance. Strong security and availability also benefit user productivity since it reduces the duration and frequency of unplanned infrastructure outage. It lowers the risk of lost employee productivity time and the risk of losing business revenue.

  1. Saves Cost 

Companies that use the AWS Serverless Platform reduce the amount of money spent on IT infrastructure. The platform also lowers the overheads incurred when developing new products or adding new features. Companies can, therefore, channel the saved money to finance the development of new innovative products. Besides, the AWS Serverless Platform enables enterprises to efficiently use the storage and compute capacity, minimize the operational costs, and optimize the licensing fees.

  1. Auto-Scaling 

Business environments have intermittent and unpredictable workloads. For instance, there can be periods of heavy workloads that last a few hours, and other periods of light or no activity. 

The AWS Serverless platform automatically scales with the associated workload. Because of the focused efficiency provided by these services, it is possible to easily orchestrate parallel tasks that would otherwise take significant engineering efforts. The users still have to pick a performance baseline in terms of memory/processing but have virtually infinite space for horizontal scaling. Such scaling is automated and rapid since it uses a pool of warm resources that are ready to respond to service requests. Besides, the service is cost-effective since processing and storage are separate, allowing users to scale down to zero processing and pay for storage only. 

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