Migrate to AWS with Elastic Kubernetes Service

Case study

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Migrate to AWS with EKS: Apodis case study

At Technofy, we're delighted to share with you the case of Apodis' migration to AWS. This article outlines the challenges they faced and the solutions we proposed as a trusted partner to ensure a smooth and efficient migration to AWS.

The Mission

Apodis Pharma is a company that offers pharmacists a digital interface tool between pharmacies and healthcare partners. To meet their goals of modernizing their development practices and making their services available, our mission was to assist them in migrating to the AWS cloud, specifically to the Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) solution.

Until now, when deploying on public cloud, managing and making their services available posed resilience and availability issues. Additionally, using a monolithic deployment of their applications made it increasingly difficult to manage and maintain a viable environment. Finally, ensuring the interconnection of services became a compatibility nightmare.

The challenges

The solution

1. Study and design of a target architecture

The architecture presented below serves two major objectives:

Workload devops flow

2. Build of the infrastructure and migration to AWS in several stages

Teck stack

The following technologies were used during the migration to AWS:

Expected results

The migration to AWS for the development environment is currently being tested. The expected results are as follows:  

In conclusion, the migration to AWS supports Apodis' growth by enabling it to rely on a resilient and highly available infrastructure. Furthermore, by managing the code using the Terraform tool, they can effectively manage the resources and costs associated with this migration to AWS.

The AWS EKS solution, backed up by the Jenkins and ArgoCD tools, guarantees the teams the availability and maintenance of the Kubernetes environment. Finally, the automation of the build and deployment stages via the Jenkins and ArgoCD tools means that the technical teams can concentrate on the tasks that require the most attention, such as the development of new features for Apodis customers.

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