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A long time ago…

Technofy’s history can easily and truthfully be compared to the classic hero’s journey. A quest of a visionary leader who traveled the lands far and wide to find the right people and infuse them with his passion and drive. He thus gathered a faithful, talented and merry band of like-minded professionals and together formed something that we nowadays perceive more as a family unit than as an actual company.

Technofy is exactly that - a big, dynamic and loving family, an unsinkable ship of friends who row in the same direction to take on ever-growing challenges. A truly unique environment of freedom and opportunities that gets you out of your comfort zone and takes you on missions and projects of global scale.

Happy at the office

We started small in the ambit of a coworking space in Sofia’s heart just a while ago. Three years and two offices later, we are now residents of a 1200 sq.m. office space in one of the most symbolic buildings in Bulgaria’s capital. Our teams grew and more than quadrupled in size, we now work with a range of high-profile clients from around the globe and it took us very little time to get here.

Initially, every team worked on their own projects in their own specific nichè and expertise. As our clients became bigger and the projects we took on became more complex, we started sharing our knowledge and skills across the different departments. We have now evolved into a broad and well-oiled unit that is interconnected and functions as a family with a common mission. Even though there are now more than 40 of us working at Technofy, we definitely managed to preserve the family feeling. This is perhaps one of the best things about working here - the feeling that we are here to grow, work and learn together, evolve both professionally and personally as we power forward. There is a sense of togetherness and support, fun and great passion for everything we do.

We don’t really view our clients as such and we definitely managed to gain their trust - they are as confident in our ability to deliver superb services just as much as we are. We welcome them in as part of the family and we involve them in our work. They feel safe and comfortable for their projects and businesses, just like one feels safe and comfortable at home.

We expanded and polished our services to offer first-class creative IT solutions, as well as fantastic cloud architecture services and consulting. Technofy helps businesses grow and take their game into the cloud(s) by providing them the means to evolve in the most efficient, profitable and transparent ways.

We managed to build a very strong and fruitful partnership with one of the largest IT companies in the world - Amazon. We learned a lot from this cooperation and adopted many of the values such a massive company embodies. The chance to grow and evolve alongside Amazon’s AWS platform is incredibly stimulating and motivating for everyone on the team. It is also an aspect of our work that makes us confident in our long-term success and development.

And speaking of the long-term, Technofy is definitely here to stay and grow, as the future seems brighter than ever. We are in an incredibly exciting phase of our development where we feel that we can together take on literally any challenge.

We are very keen on preserving and maintaining the spirit of closeness and collective involvement, valuing each other and each client as key assets in our journey. Technofy’s people have the right mentality, culture and ethics to nourish the growth the company enjoyed in its first years in the future as well. Our hard work and patience got us very far and we are confident that they will be key in our further development as well.

And it could be seen as a long-shot, although we are certain it is not, but if we had a soundtrack in three years time, it would probably be a rendition of “Walking on sunshine”.

“Real cloud engineers don’t smile”

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