DesignOps Global Conference - our takeaways


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Diving deeper in DesignOps

Not long ago, we talked about the merits and peculiarities of the DesignOps methodology, as we were putting the foundations of a Design Ops structure within Technofy. As our business grew and our projects picked up in size and complexity, designating DesignOps practitioners in our company became a lucrative opportunity to streamline and put order to the design processes we carry out as part of our day-to-day business.

This meant that we had to make sure that we understood DesignOps in its entirety and were on par with the latest developments in the field, which, as one could expect, was a challenging feat, given that DesignOps is a relatively new trend.

“Casually posing during the coffee break”

That is why our team decided to go on an exciting journey to Manchester, UK, where the first ever DesignOps Global Conference was held at the end of May.

First-time events in any industry could usually be expected to lack in organization and compelling, balanced content, but this was definitely not the case with the DesignOps GC 2019.

We went with the intention to gain know-how and find out how we could improve our own approach to DesignOps, based on what the top leaders and innovators in the field had to share. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the topic and learn about the latest best practices, while, of course, making some vital connections with the people who are at the forefront of the development of Design Ops as a niche.

We were expecting to see many motivated individuals like ourselves, eager to find out how to implement DesignOps in their businesses in the most efficient and productive ways, and we were definitely not disappointed.

The event was organized brilliantly, while the lectures and the speakers were absolutely magnificent and spoiled us with a variety of well-tailored content that matched pretty much all of our expectations and interests. Even the lunch and dinner breaks were structured in ways that boosted networking and idea-sharing among the attendees, without anyone feeling obliged. Something more, we actually heard other attendees sharing their positive impressions of the whole event between themselves and admiring the fantastic level of organization.

We heard brilliant talks from representatives of giants in the likes of IBM, Google, Airbnb and BBC - true role models of companies that professionals from many industries look up to for a variety of reasons.

Dave Malouf’s “DesignOps and the reason to live” one-day workshop was a definite highlight and one of the main reasons we were so excited to attend the conference in the first place. Dave is an absolute legend in the field of design and one of the founders of the DesignOps mentality. His workshop was a very well-thought deep dive into the field that gave us plenty of food for thought, new ideas and motivation to build on our expertise.

“DesignOps and the reason to live - Dave Malouf”

The “Crafting a three-legged stool with Product, Tech and Design for effective collaboration” talk given by Daphne Bourne, another huge influencer and a great innovator in the field of DesignOps, was also truly inspiring.

Another experience we can’t help but mention was the InVision stand at the event, where we had the chance to chat with representatives of the company. InVision is a true pioneer in Design Ops and have a unique structure that allows all of their 1000 employees to work remotely with great efficiency. They are amazing fellows and were also the main sponsor of the event.

When we were not being mind-blown by lecturers, we had time to really link up with experts from around the world sharing the same interests and expertise as ours. We exchanged ideas, information and thoughts about our field of business, which is something that truly enriches your perspective and gives you a sense of community. We left with heaps of new knowledge and awareness that surpassed even our bravest expectations.

The most beneficial aspect of the whole event was the fact that all that was shared is relevant not only for designers and their teams but also for each and every team within the company. We gained tons of practical knowledge that we could easily apply to our own methods and ensure that our ways are on par with the latest and hottest trends
in the world.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it!

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