Webit Festival: A look to the future of technology


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What the future in tech holds

The Webit Festival is among the most influential global digital industry gatherings, where startups, entrepreneurs, creators from far and wide come together to tell us what the future in tech holds.

Every year the Webit forum attracts some of the greatest minds from over 110 countries to present their groundbreaking ideas to the world. The Festival is a place where you could literally see the future first-hand, connect with incredible individuals and gain sizeable funding for pitching the best business idea.

“Webit opening ceremony”

According to some, Webit is responsible for putting Sofia on the world map as a progressive and exciting tech hub, and since Technofy’s headquarters are based in Bulgaria’s capital, it was a matter of no discussion whether we would attend the event.

A significant part of our team was present at the Webit Festival 2019 in Sofia to see and hear about the next big tech trends that are bound to shape almost every industrial branch in the years ahead. Some were visiting Webit for the first time, while others had already experienced the magic of the Festival in 2018.

We went to this year’s event with the intent to learn about cutting-edge developments
in technology, network with potential clients of Technofy and catch up with existing partners. Having some of the greatest leaders in tech literally at your doorstep is a
brilliant opportunity to get unique perspectives and hear opinions that you normally
could hardly have access to.

“Airbus at the Webit stage”

It is gatherings like the Webit Festival that give companies like ours a competitive advantage in the respective industry of operation - exploring events, innovations, discoveries and talented people is key nowadays.

Niall, one of our attendees and Head of Business Development, pointed out that going to the event was the only way he could have found out about another event that was directly relevant to Technofy’s business.

Our Lead Web Designer - Ralitsa and Head of Creative - Mimi, were most impressed by the “Making brand famous in the world” lecture given by Chuck Porter, who they described as truly inspiring. The lecture taught them a great deal about how customer experience can be taken to a whole new level with the right mindset towards innovation, which is central to what we do here at Technofy.

Since we are an Advanced Partner with AWS, the “Innovation at Amazon” talk given by Paul Misener, VP of Amazon, was of particular importance to everyone from the team.

Niall pointed out that the talks given by a senior Airbus executive were particularly stimulating, as Technofy has already done work for the manufacturer.

However, more abstract talks such as the ones looking at how we can protect the Earth from space and explore the universe also captured our colleagues’ attention and hearts. Apart from the lectures, the team got to see some truly mesmerising demos of award-winning products

The Plant-e startup for example showed off its idea of making electricity from growing plants, without the need to harvest or cut the plant. The guys behind WeFarm impressed everyone with their innovative ideas of connecting small-scale farmers around the globe.

“Malroy Aeronautics at the Webit stage”

Everyone from the team is adamant that they would love to attend the Webit Festival Europe 2020, which will be held in Valencia, Spain. When we asked them whether they would like to be lecturers at the event themselves, they all seemed suspiciously well-prepared - almost as if they had already been thinking about it, while attending this year’s event. Some of the topics they mentioned were - Designer vs. Customers - the endless battle of “I want the logo bigger”, The creative revolution in the technology world, The special space where creativity meets technology and heart. We all hope that soon we’ll get the chance to hear their full-length presentations on the big podium.

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