The making and evolution of our logo

Team diary

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Why is a logo so important?

A logo plays a crucial role in the development of a brand. It’s importance is often neglected, which leads to serious consequences for your business growth and efficiency in recognition.

A strong logo is the beginning of your company’s branding and conveys your business’s vision

There are quite the benefits of producing and owning a good logo. If it’s properly designed, it should:

“Our logo put in use”

We took everything above into consideration when we were building our current logo.

The enormous amount of research and work, combined with our creativity and dedication, came to a solution, with which we are extremely happy and proud of.

But before we talk about our current one, we have to mention that we owned a previous logo not that long ago… which literally cost 5$. It was bought by our CEO, the day the company was founded. Knowing the value of a logo, but not having the right tools, led to the decision of buying one, instead of creating one. The predecessor was a bit rough to say the least and none of the designers adored it, but it did manage to fit perfectly the team back then. They were quite compact and productive, although still didn’t quite know the direction in which they were headed.

Technofy quickly started to scale and grow both internal and external, our designers knew that a change was needed. Once the decision and preparations were made, the design team started making progress fast. They kept the initial idea of the first logo, which included the infinity symbol(represents constant change and evolution), while
they also added the cloud concept to it (abstract thinking, vision, creativity) and
kept it clean and aesthetic.

“The structure of our logo”

The process from “Zero to Voila!” took months of planning, designing, experimenting and implementing all the ideas. They paid off. Today our logo conveys our brand image and represents our beliefs and morals in a contemporary fashion. It’s derivations represent the different branches of our company and it behaves as good on a simple business card, as well on a complicated web application.

In time we noticed the enormous impact, that well defined company ethics, compiled in a graphic symbol, actually make a daring difference. Comparing our 5$ predecessor to the current logo is interesting, because we’re actually comparing past with present. The contrast is immense. We haven’t changed our morals or our view, but everything in the surrounding environment, from our office, to our partners and clients and even the team size and expertise, has drastically improved.

The emphasis on your logo and how you present yourself to the world is of a paramount concern and truly is often neglected. We are glad that we learned from our experience and embraced the change which led us to where we are now.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it!

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