How to enable the connection between VPCs

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Transit VPC is a specialized way of adding capability and flexibility to VPCs. The Transit VPC interconnects other VPCs, acting as the hub for data flow between spoke VPCs and potentially other on premise customer resources.


Technical insight

What we are using in our project is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) - definitely the leader in cloud computing services.

One of the most used AWS resources is the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), which a virtual network that you define on your own. It enables you to launch other AWS resources inside of this network.

Unfortunately VPCs can’t communicate between each other and that’s a big problem in a lot of cases. Our solution is based on Amazon Transit VPC.

Technical insight

Use cases

I need to connect my Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). How am I going to do this, having a simple network management and minimum number of connections?

The main functionality of the Transit VPC is to enable the communication between several VPCs deployed in the same region. A virtual router is deployed to manage the networking configuration on the Transit VPC side.

For enterprises with large deployments in multiple regions, the same solution can easily scale to support a global transit network by connecting multiple transit networks. This will optimize data transfer rate and system redundancy. Transit VPC will forward data from VPC to ensure communication, no matter in which region the VPC is deployed.

A main feature proposed by the Transit VPC is the ability to control the routing layer with your own virtual router software using your own licence or with Amazon’s licence.

It also provides a filtering layer using Next Generation Firewall which allows enterprises to add filtering services and connectivity to large multi-VPC AWS deployments.This firewall is the entry point to untrusted connections. Communications between VPCs can also be filtered to ensure a clean traffic and increase security.


Ensure quality of service all over the world

It’s also completely customizable and the configuration can be modified from one architecture to another by choosing your own routing and firewalling solutions. It is also deployable through infrastructure as a code.

High security level

Thanks to this solution, all your data and application are safely stored on AWS and quickly reachable from all over the world.

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