Centralized desktop streaming with Amazon AppStream

Use case


Main challenges

As companies grow and allow employees to work remotely, it becomes difficult and expensive to deliver applications to employees and partners globally. Expanding on-premises infrastructure to meet user demand is cost-prohibitive. It is time-consuming to reach users in different locations and rewrite applications to meet their devices' restrictive features. 

Instantaneously, running traditional desktop software keeps the apps and information on the device, raising security concerns. 

Business/technical goals

Securely deliver desktop applications to any computer.

Scale to any number of users without infrastructure. 

Accelerate application adoption and shorten the software implementation cycle by delivering demos, trials, and training of desktop applications to a browser. The process gets users started in minutes. 


Technofy gets you started with Amazon AppStream, a fully managed non-persistent application, and desktop streaming service. The service enables you to centrally manage your desktop applications and securely deliver them to any computer. With Amazon AppStream, your business can quickly scale to many users worldwide without purchasing, provisioning, and operating hardware and infrastructure. 
AppStream provides consistent application performance since your desktop apps run on optimized virtual machines to meet your use case needs. 

Situation before & after the implementation


Organizations face challenges with acquiring, provisioning, and operating hardware and infrastructure to run desktop applications. The challenge is even profound in situations where employees access applications remotely. 


With Amazon AppStream, you do not purchase or operate any infrastructure. Yet, you run applications securely like on any other standard desktop. You can scale the application access based on demand. Enterprises deploy AppStream to build a global collaboration model and reduce operating costs. You can run any desktop application on any device, including Windows and Linux PC, Macs, and Chromebooks. 



Introduction with the client to understand his context - both business and technical. The aim of the phase is to explore this new context, gather the needs through exchange with the different key points of contact, answer unclear points, and agree on a defined scope.


Proposition of several potential solutions that could fit the need and iterate on it based on client feedback. In this step, we can include a prototype or a Proof of Concept to have a better sense of the feasibility of the architecture to put in place with its different layers/components.

Implementation & tests

Iterative phase based on Agile methodologies & rituals: sprint planning, demo, retrospective, prioritization, etc. Each sprint will include the implementation of the technical architecture, the deployment of the infrastructure, and the development phase if required.


Go in production with the defined solution and ensure post-production support if required.


  • Secure - Amazon AppStream enables you to centrally manage your desktop applications and securely deliver them to any computer. The data and applications are not stored on the user's computer. The solution is built on AWS, so you get a data center and network architecture designed for the most security-sensitive organizations. 
  • Scalable - Amazon AppStream allows you to quickly scale to any number of users worldwide without acquiring, provisioning, and operating hardware infrastructure.
  • Flexible - Your applications run on virtual machines optimized for specific use cases, giving each user in AppStream a fluid and responsive experience. Besides, each streaming session automatically adjusts to network conditions. 
  • Cost-saving - Amazon AppStream is available globally with pay-as-you-go pricing. The model enables your organization to scale application streaming to many users without the need to purchase, maintain, and upgrade expensive hardware and infrastructure. 
  • Time-saving - With AppStream, an enterprise can deploy the latest versions of desktop applications and provide instant access to the apps through user browsers with no downloads, installs, or configuration required. 
  • Performance - Amazon AppStream allows your employees to access the desktop applications they need at any time, in the office, home, or while traveling. Users can run multiple applications and quickly switch and interact with them through an application-centric view or a standard desktop experience. 
  • Multiple devices - The solution enables you to stream your applications from AWS to various devices and environments, including Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks.
  • Integrate with your IT environments - Amazon AppStream connects to your Active Directory, network, cloud storage, and file shares. Users access applications using existing credentials. You can apply your existing security policies to manage AppStream access. Extensive APIs integrate AppStream with other IT solutions. 

Getting started with Technofy

Remote access to desktop applications is becoming an essential feature of a business ecosystem. With more people working remotely, organizations can partner with Technofy to set up reliable platforms to access digital resources. Technofy experts get you started with AppStream to help you streamline the costly and time-consuming process of provisioning and managing desktop applications. 
We will get you started with AppStream to enable your employees to stream desktop applications from AWS to any device running popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge among others.  
Beyond the service's cost, once Technofy sets you on AppStream, you will not incur expenses for IT personnel, software, and hardware maintenance updates. Besides, you will not worry about security concerns or other costs associated with scalability and growth. 
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