Data analytics with Splunk

Use case


Main challenges

The current business environment consists of applications, systems, servers, networks, devices, and sensors that generate massive data incessantly. The complex machine data generated from disparate sources contain valuable details, such as records of customer transactions, user behavior, system activities, security threats, and fraudulent activities. It is challenging for businesses to ingest, process, and analyze this data using traditional data management methods, which are not suitable for high-volume unstructured and dynamic data.

Business/technical goals

To derive insights from machine-generated data.

Analyzing critical data about organizational operations to improve planning and performance Data Analytics with Splunk is used to evaluate a business’s overall performance or specific key performance indicators (KPIs) critical to a business unity, process, project, or product.


Splunk software enables organizations to unlock the hidden value of data. The solution makes it possible to collect, index, search, analyze, and visualize all your data in one place. Splunk offers a unified way to organize and extract real-time insights from massive amounts of system data from disparate sources.
Technofy helps businesses build enterprise intelligence platforms on Splunk to provide powerful capabilities for storing, organizing, analyzing, and generating insights from a wide range of data sources. The solution addresses critical uses cases like IT business operations, security, compliance, business analytics, application delivery, IoT, and industrial data.

Situation before & after the implementation


A business environment is characterized by event floods that are rampant and unmanageable. Interpreting machine data using traditional approaches is complicated and time-consuming. Businesses lack a way to understand which events to prioritize, resulting in troubleshooting delays and lost time and money. At the same time, some enterprises have created custom and messy integrations to ingest and analyze data. However, such solutions lack a single place to monitor and understand big data.


Businesses feed machine data to Splunk that does the data processing and analysis to produce insights.

Businesses can identify and resolve issues up to 70 percent faster using Splunk.

The solution reduces costly escalation by up to 90 percent.



Introduction with the client to understand his context - both business and technical. The aim of the phase is to explore this new context, gather the needs through exchange with the different key points of contact, answer unclear points, and agree on a defined scope.


Proposition of several potential solutions that could fit the need and iterate on it based on client feedback. In this step, we can include a prototype or a Proof of Concept to have a better sense of the feasibility of the architecture to put in place with its different layers/components.

Implementation & tests

Iterative phase based on Agile methodologies & rituals: sprint planning, demo, retrospective, prioritization, etc. Each sprint will include the implementation of the technical architecture, the deployment of the infrastructure, and the development phase if required.


Go in production with the defined solution and ensure post-production support if required.


  • Enterprise-scale data analytics - Splunk is an integrated, end-to-end, real-time solution for machine data analytics. The software collects and indexes hundreds of terabytes of machine data across multi-geography, multi-datacenter, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.
  • Insights on real-time and historical data - Data Analytics with Splunk provides a single-pane-of-glass into real-time and historical data. The solution makes it possible for organizations to analyze and visualize months or years of data from a single, fluid user interface.
  • Integration - Machine data in Splunk integrates with structured data from relational databases and data warehouses. This capability drives operational intelligence and business insights more profoundly.
  • Scalable - You can quickly scale from a single to multiple datacenters with Splunk.
  • Robust security - Data Analytics with Splunk features secure data handling, role-based access controls, auditability, and data integrity.
  • Powerful reporting - Build graphs, charts, and other visualization based on analyzed data to make it meaningful to employees and other stakeholders. Users can share Splunk reports across any device and platforms.
  • Disparate data - Splunk analyzes data that can be in any format, such as CSV and JSON. The tool unlocks data across many sources, including applications, devices, networks, operating systems, IT sensors, and web traffic.
  • Alerts - You can configure the solution to generate alerts and events notification based on machine state.

Getting started with Technofy

Technofy professionals help your business deploy Splunk to search and index log files to derive insights from massive machine data. Get started with Technofy today by ensuring your enterprise achieves efficient application management, IT operations management, compliance, and security monitoring by extracting value from data using Splunk.
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