Mass Migration to the Cloud 

Use case


Main challenges

Migrating many legacy applications and databases to the cloud is intimidating to enterprises because of the magnitude of the required change. Modern organizations run IT environments that become larger and complex daily. Simultaneously, companies rarely retire technical debt as they continue to build and implement new systems. 

Organizations require to move a meaningful portion of existing IT assets to the cloud. This migration might involve a data center, a collection of data centers, a business unit, or other systems that are larger than a single application. For many organizations, the possibility of mass migration to AWS is still daunting.

Business/technical goals

Lift and shift existing databases and applications without rebuilding systems from scratch while migrating.

Complete mass migration to the cloud in the shortest time possible without having to outlay capital on new hardware or change much of the operational procedures.

Reduce IT operational costs significantly and increase productivity and agility.


Technofy combines knowledge of technology migrations and experience helping other businesses migrate their IT portfolio to AWS cloud. The migration process consists of phases for opportunity evaluation, portfolio discovery and planning, application design, migration and validation, and operation. 
The migration team identifies appropriate tools and partners that your business needs to migrate. Technofy deploys various approaches during the migration process, including Rehosting, Re-platforming, Repurchasing, Migrate to a different product or license like SaaS, Refactoring – rearchitect or re-imagine leveraging cloud-native capabilities. Other approaches include Retire and Retain. 

Situation before & after the implementation


Enterprises are stuck with old and custom-built systems running on-premises. The situation limits the company’s agility and productivity since employees spend time managing IT infrastructure at the data centers rather than developing products.


Mass migration to the cloud reduces IT operational costs by 40 percent and increases product development speed by at least 30 percent. Mass migration replaces manual, repetitive processes with automated tasks. Your business achieves billing and consumption transparency.



Introduction with the client to understand his context - both business and technical. The aim of the phase is to explore this new context, gather the needs through exchange with the different key points of contact, answer unclear points, and agree on a defined scope.


Proposition of several potential solutions that could fit the need and iterate on it based on client feedback. In this step, we can include a prototype or a Proof of Concept to have a better sense of the feasibility of the architecture to put in place with its different layers/components.

Implementation & tests

Iterative phase based on Agile methodologies & rituals: sprint planning, demo, retrospective, prioritization, etc. Each sprint will include the implementation of the technical architecture, the deployment of the infrastructure, and the development phase if required.


Go in production with the defined solution and ensure post-production support if required.


  • Cost-saving - Mass migration to the cloud reduces ongoing operations costs by nearly 40 percent. 
  • Productivity - Migrating assets to the cloud enables a business to be more agile in developing new products. Organizations can build more products and spend less time managing data centers and IT infrastructure.
  • Time-saving - Mass migration to the cloud reduces latency and avoids delays for acquiring and configuring hardware. Developers get more time building products rather than running data centers.
  • Increased revenues - Enhanced productivity and improved time to market for products results in more revenues for an enterprise.
  • Portability - Non-AWS software products also work well on AWS, making it possible for lift and shift and optimization
  • Availability - Mass migration to the cloud offers increased availability. Businesses can leverage multiple availability zones on Amazon EC2 instances to run applications and databases  
  • IT Management - Mass migration to the cloud offers transparency in billing and consumption. You get full control over spending and cost optimization recommendations.

Getting started with Technofy

Mass migrations to the cloud require an organization-wide effort and are most commonly embarked by organizations with some experience with the cloud. As the cloud matures and businesses offer more success stories to draw from, Technofy enables you to mass migrate to the cloud. Our team of experts performs a thorough discovery and workload analysis to identify the level and complexity of integrating the data, systems, and processes to be migrated and deploy the optimum mass migration approach. We understand the shared responsibility of securing your workloads when adopting a cloud strategy. 
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