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Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) are essential services for identifying and resolving system and security issues, respectively. NOC assists companies in identifying, examining, and sorting out system issues. On the other hand, SOC enables businesses to identify and respond to security incidents and alerts that may impact crucial data and systems. 

While the roles of NOC and SOC appear similar, they have different responsibilities. However, both services have excellent benefits for a business undertaking. 

Here's why companies should consider outsourcing NOC and SOC as a service.

NOC as a service 

A NOC is a centralized location where a competent staff supervises, monitors, and manages a network. A network operation personnel ensures a company's network, databases, devices, external services, and firewalls are up and running 24X7X365. Since networks are expensive to maintain yet necessary for a business to operate, enterprises need to consider a NOC. 
NOC as a service is where a service provider takes over the management, monitoring, analysis, and security of a network. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that lack the capacity and technical expertise to maintain their systems. 

Outsourcing NOC is easy

  • Round the clock performance monitoring - A NOC operates every day of the year. A qualified team is always monitoring a network to ensure a functioning and healthy performance. Optimum network performance is an invaluable tenet for enhanced operations and productivity.
  • Unlimited onsite and remote support - A NOC dedicates all its resources to managing and monitoring an organization's network. A service provider is readily available to resolve network issues, either remotely or onsite. Outsourcing NOC services ensure a technician is always on standby to cover arising problems in all network aspects.
  • Real-time optimization - Many companies lack the technical capability or financial muscle needed to acquire enterprise-class network technologies. However, NOC service provider has access to the latest network equipment and technologies. The capacity provides real-time network optimization to ascertain the optimized performance of the entire network.  
  • Saving costs - Firstly, NOC as a service eliminates the need for onsite professionals who are always on the company payroll. Secondly, NOC permits businesses to focus on critical operations to realize higher productivity and revenue. Outsourcing network functions assists an organization to enhance control of their operational and capital expenditure budgets.

SOC as a service 

A well-managed SOC is the heart of a robust cybersecurity program. SOC is a centralized facility housing the most qualified cybersecurity team tasked with monitoring, analyzing, detecting, and responding to cyber threats and risks. It is responsible for maintaining a company's enhanced security posture in a constantly changing security environment. Although the SOC roles vary according to organization or industry, it has three overarching mission objectives: 

Orchestrate incident response measures
Coordinate the investigation and analysis of threat data
Correlate and consolidate log data of an organization's networks, devices, systems, and clouds

Benefits of outsourcing security functions to a SOC

  • Instant time to response - A modern SOC accelerates attack detection, incident investigation, and deployment of effective remedies for countering the threat. A quick response time is vital to containing a hack or breach to minimize damage to essential data and systems. SOC operators are on call 24X7X365 to provide security solutions when needed. 
  • Enhanced security visibility - The higher the visibility of a system, the easier it is to detect and thwart an attack. SOC operators increase system and network visibility by maintaining thorough inventories of all IT assets. Proper visibility is instrumental in realizing real-time monitoring and threat detection. It ensures an instant reaction to the slightest threats.
  • Regulatory compliance - Numerous companies are often unsure of how to achieve full compliance. Conforming to regulatory standards and requirements is vital to strengthening organizational security and avoiding non-compliance penalties. SOCs automate the compliance regulations to assist businesses to comply accordingly. They are best placed to manage compliance due to the availability of experts in various industries.
  • Access to a stable of professionals - Some cyber incidents overwhelm the ability of organizational security staff. However, outsourcing to a SOC gives a company access to the most qualified security professionals. SOCs are capable of dealing with any threat and recommending the best tools and products for preventing breaches.

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