Gaining speed in deployment with infrastructure as code using tools like Terraform

Use case


From time to time, organizations launch new business initiatives that require new applications and software features development, or tools and technology procurement. Ofttimes, such requirements hoard and exceed a company’s capacity. Businesses have leveraged the growing cloud computing offerings to decrease time to market while cutting costs. However, attaining these objectives is implausible because it requires expertise and time to manage.

Besides, many organizations still operate complex systems composed of manual and poorly documented processes and procedures. At the same time, onboarding system developers take long, making it difficult for a business to reduce the time to market with new applications and features. Apart from the manual provisioning of IT resources, businesses experience delays from communication breakdowns between siloed teams and slow approval processes that disconnect the development process from the change initiators.

For AWS users, deploying the same infrastructure in multiple involved accessing the AWS Console and creating the necessary resources one by one, for every account.


Leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) fortunately uses code to automate the processes involved in deploying, configuring, and administering IT systems. IaC, also referred to as programmable infrastructure, allows DevOps engineers to write code to manage configurations and automate infrastructure provisioning and deployments.
Over and above that, there are tools and products like Terraform that enhance IaC operations. Organizations can deploy Terraform to fasten feedback loops, automate deployments, and maintain cross-functional teams. The tool capabilities enable users to shorten lead times. The tool is designed for creating, managing, updating, and versioning reproducible application infrastructure.
With the Terraform IaC tool, deploying an apt infrastructure has become a cakewalk.


  • Swift feedback circuit: - A swift feedback look enables quick iteration in the development process. Developers can deploy Terraform to generate immediate feedback on changes that occur in deployment.
  • Automated deployments - Terraform IaC tool automates the creating of a scalable environment, which consequently reduces deployment periods. The tool provisions the infrastructure required for load and feature testing.
  • Strengthened collaboration - A fruitful DevOps strategy that reduces time to market for new product features demands the collaboration of developers and operations engineers. Businesses can incorporate IaC to software development and deployment pipelines to allow DevOps engineers to utilize the same toolsets and processes. In turn, these capabilities improve visibility, communication, and cooperation in software changes.
  • Easy deployment - Create resources with three easy steps in the terminal – “terraform init,” “terraform plan,” and “terraform apply.”
  • Multiple platform management - DevOps engineers deploy applications in complex environments composed of several components across various platforms. Terraform allows developers to synchronize changes to components while keeping the product functional. The tool provides an interface and a deployment process that engineers require to manage a variety of services.
  • Reproducible infrastructure - AWS users who need to deploy the same infrastructure in many accounts can write Terraform stack for the infrastructure and implement it in all target accounts. This capability saves time and reduces errors.

Getting started with Technofy

At Technofy, we are in love with the idea of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). We deploy tools like HarshiCorp’s Terraform that allows us to implement, test, and change our architectures fast and easy. Besides, it will enable customers to use the same configurations in multiple places to reduce mistakes, save time, and enhance collaboration. Technofy helps customers to gain speed in deployment with IaC tools like Terraform cloud-agnostic provisioning solutions that support immutable infrastructure.
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